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Seneca und painting

This weekend I decided to make use of the weather and paint whatever I can find in my garden. As this a pain in the neck I usually only do it every other year and sometimes I pay someone for doing it (After about 5 hours into it I wished I would have had a helping hand also this year).

The reason for painting all by myself had a couple of reasons. First I think it is stupid to pay someone to paint my garden while I go for a run or do some body workout. After labouring for about 10 hours I feel as exhausted as if I would have run a marathon and I have done something good. If you do your work properly you will never find anyone who will do it as good as you will do it because in the back of your mind you know, you do it for yourself (the other guy does it for the money and has to do it everyday). The other thing which is of importance is the appreciation of work like that. You get paid a fraction of all that white collar jobs and your back will be ruined after 10 years. The last one which I did was to listen to an audiobook which I bought to celebrate the occassion.

Which other book than “The Tao of Seneca” is better when you paint your terrace. The podcaster Tim Ferris, which I highly recommend you to subscribe, produced the audio book as he could not find Seneca’s letter anywhere. After listening to it for about 6 hours I do understand why something which was written more than 2000 years still has  its validity. Without wanting to dive into too much detail I will only bore you with 1 quote: “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power”.

Now  go out, paint stuff and listen to the Seneca dude…