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Habit Formation – Don’t crack under pressure!

 Whatever you try to achieve on a permanent basis you wont be able to do unless you do it regularly. The best example is weightloss. Whenever you try to lose some extra pounds which you build up over years you wont lose them on a permanet basis by 3 crash diets a year. You have to change for good by whatever works for you.

When you try to finish a marathon in less than 4 hours, you wont make it by running 5 times before the event. You need to practice for a long time. For a period of time that it feels bad if you do not run at your scheduled time. It feels as if you broke your routine as if you did not follow your habit.
How do you form a habit. Some people say whatever you do 30 times in a row makes it one. My honest answer is, I have no idea. You can also not run for 30 days in a row but I guess if you run 30 times in 2 months you will start missing it. Good habits also help to break bad ones. If you try to run every other day you might not drink the 10th beer and stop at 9 (just kidding, one can also run after 10 beers, just a bit slower).

A months ago I downloaded an app called habit list. It is outragously expensive at 4 EUR (equivalent of 1 beer, so if you drink 9 instead of 10 you could buy it but in the world of free it is a lot…) and was amazed how well it works.You just put in the habit you would like to form and it reminds you to do your stuff, show you stats and a few other things. It is super simple and even tech idiots like me are able to use it. After one months I am quite confident that I have formed 1 routine which I basically do automatically. I admit it is a stupid and simple one but I force myself to have a cold shower every day for at least 30 seconds. People who know me are aware that I don’t like water, swimming and I really hate cold water. But if you do it for a long period of time you actually start missing it, when you don’t get your wake up splash.

Other things are more complicated and I think will take more time but the most important thing to do is not to crack under pressure and keep on doing it. When you have a bad time do not give up, just restart, it is worth it otherwise you would not wanted it in the first place. My next goal is to run every 2-3 days. For a months it worked but I would not call it a habit yet but I achieved a performance improvement of 20% during that time. I know that the next 20% are much tougher, but I wont crack. At least I hope…


Go get fit

As it seems that I am getting older every year, I found out that my fitness level is not exactly keeping up. A lifestyle of eating and drinking for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or as like to call myself: Brunchner). Although I am not at my equity high, I am also not too far away from it. I therefore decided to call 2016 the year of fitness for me. I had some very bad attempts in the past with the year of the Gazelle, so I did not want to name it after an animal again (elephant might have been too easy to achieve).

At certain point in your career you find out that you can rarely impress with with your know how as most of the facts are saved in an internet page called google, which I think is quite well done. But what certainly can happen in your career at a certain point of time is that you depress the young kids when you sit in meetings looking like a fat, undisciplined, old fart who lives from the past. Although I certainly have been sometimes at stage when I wanted to just let go and do nothing but eating and drinking I always pulled myself up and did some kind of training. My latest sport I am currently very much into is called walking.
Like centuries before, I leave my house and walk. With the only difference that now I don’t need to go and look for food (well sometimes I do), I just walk. But as I am a techafficionado I bought myself a Fitbit which counts your steps and your heartrate (and I am sure a million other things) and compare myself with other old wannabes. Although I never believed it but I do walk at least 30% more than I used to. I have never tested the accuracy as I don’t really care as the only thing that counts is that you walk. The best friend of a walker like me are podcasts. I first started to listen to music as I thought I might get back into DJing only to find out that with the music I like the dancefloor would be empty in a minute.

A friend of mine introduced me to podcasts which are the best companion when you walk (or drive in car or sit in an airplane). There are so many good ones out there you should subscribe to. I listen to them for 3-4 hours per week and get the best interviews, the latest trends, the best workout techniques etc. Just drop me a line and will write you some good ones.

In my opinion you see a clear trend that people want to live and look healthier even if it means leaving the office earlier or coming later. Our lifetime work hours are much higher than they used to and we all will have to retire much later. Unless you want to do die right after the end of your career, go get up from your couch and start walking. With or without a tech gadget (although it is more fun with someting like a Fitbit). If you have a bad stretch for a couple of weeks, just get up again and restart. None of us will win a Gold medal in Rio but we all should try to stay healthy for as long as we can. If you want to fight a walking battle on Fitbit just contact me.

As always if you like what I write, please share or like it.

Happy walking!

Hardcore Gardening

img_2686Although I am living in a fairly big city, Vienna in Austria, I am lucky to have a small garden which I barely use but work quite often to stare at it how nice it is. When my son was about to be born I thought it would be nice for him to have some grass right outside the door, so he can work on his soccer career and I don’t have to hangout with some bozos in a public park.

The good thing about the apartment with garden was that it was outrageous expensive about 10 years ago and I had to use all my savings, sell all my equities and take out a genourmous mortgage to afford it. My former boss back then just told I should not worry as everyone in banking will make more money than they can spend. Then came 2008… The good thing was that I had no assets which could go down apart from my real estate which somehow doubled in price since then. As always better be lucky than good.

My son actually never used it and his soccer career stopped after a couple of weeks when he found out that it is quite exhausting to train 3 times a week. But this year I found a way to lure him into the outside by installing a decent wifi connection. So he is at least breathing fresh air when he is watching youtube. So a pro gamer career is hopefully under way. I can hang out with some 15 year old nerds in Singapore when he is playing the finals. Well its not the Championsleague final in Wembley but one must become modest.

The actual topic was about gardening which everyone says help you to relax and get calm. I was carrying 30 bags of bark mulch for about 1 hour and felt not only calm but also outright tired. My other experience I really like is to hang out with all the other wannabe gardeners who wait infront of the door to get the best plants imported from frigging somewhere. I always go there as early as possible to reduce the waiting time to a bare minimum. Today I managed 15 minutes which included loading the bags in my car.

I usually go for a run or long walk on Saturdays but to be honest the two hour bag carrying was better than anything else. Unless you want to win some races I also think that you better spend your time working in your home, garage, weekend shed or helping in the neighbourhood. Not only you are doing something healthy you are also doing something good. No one cares if you finish a marathon in 3 or 4 hours. You wont win it anyway, but you will be liked in the hood or even better by your family if you help out.

Bragging over a beer how hard you work to make it look so nice with your buddies when they come over to your garden is of course the other important part.

Garden hard, party harder!