Time is such an interesting concept which is mainly driven by kids when you have some. I guess the reverse is true for the kids but I am not sure about that. Yesterday was the last day in school for this year and it is amazing how quickly things change. First you have to worry what to do with them over the summer so they don’t get completely bored and then again don’t drive you completely mad. The best way to do this is usually to split the time with them in case both parents work which is usually the case considering the sky rocketing cost of living and the outragous price tag for Louis Vuitton bags.

This has adavantages and disadvantages. As you usually plan your day around your kids and they are suddenly not around you have a couple of options. The first thing you do is to switch on the alarm as it is so quiet that it starts to get scary. Then you start reading a book you tried to read for months only to find out after a couple of pages that it is super boring. After that you do the unthinkable you switch on the telly in the middle of the day.

After zapping for a couple of minutes and ordering some useful knives on the home shopping channel you are depressed that television is not as fun as it never was. The modern household has the ability to switch to youtube so you look at some tennis, mountainbike, golf, music or whatever videos. If you are lucky the night has dawned and you can either drink a bottle of red wine and hit the bed or you consider to go out.

The only problem how do people go out these days? So you start calling texting some friends who think that you must be drunk (quite likely from the first glasses of wine) or desperate (pretty sure). As your core friends usually shrunk dramatically over the years and mainly consist of couples with kids of the same age you get unlucky and alone.

Now it boils down to the unthinkable question. Do you dress up (or better get rid of your sweatpants you have been wearing all day) and hit the road on your own? When was the last time you did that? To increase the braveness factor you usually top up on wine while you consider or even putting on the nice pair of jeans which perfectly fit you only a couple of pizzas ago. After having finished the bottle and stare at all the unanswered or negatively answered whatsapp messages (even the 45 members of “Cool Soccermoms” could not be convinced) its d-time. You stare at your UBER app and unfortunately the next car is available in 3 minutes (no excuse). Come on do it. Do it once, do it twice. If you never do it you will never find out how it feels to enter a time machine and pretend its 1987. You go to your favourite bar as you hope that at least a couple of your buddies will be there anyway (like in the old days). Even if no one is there you always have the chance to meet new people. Talk to someone face to face and see if it is different that texting with the same old guys.

Embrace the summer it will be the last one for this year!