The death of a friend


A couple of weeks ago I got contacted by a friend if I am the guy who was on the French riveria with Liph for a holidays. The first thing which struck my mind was not, hey did he get married or is she the mother of his child, the first thing was that hopefully he did not die. This had to do with how Liph behaved after I lost contact with him a couple of years ago but it also is a matter of fact that at a certain age people who are close to you start to die. This starts usually with your grandgrandparents when you are a young kid and do not really know what is going on. When your grandparents die it can be very heartbrekaing as some of us might have had a very close relationship with them, sometimes closer than with their parents. As both of my parents are still alive it is very hard for to think how it would feel when they pass away.

Liph died more than a year ago and I did not know about. I have not been talking to him for a couple of years as he had a hard time copying with the life which was offered to him. I met him at university when I did a year abroad and he basically took me under his wings although he was a year younger then me. He was an A student and a party animal. He spoke multiple languages and was a sports freak. He was thinking of pursuing a career in secret service and he was the only one I believed could have managed to do so. But life is full of surprises and very hard to plan. If you are not made for the corporate world one might start to question yourself quickly.

This was also before the real rise of the internet where one can try to become successfull out of their living rooms without having to cope with the politics of large international corporations. Then all of a sudden you get lost in your own world, start your own family, champion your own life but loose tracks of your childhood friends who might live not next to you. You start hanging out with the parents of your kid’s classmates and even if you have less in common than with your old pals you accomodate. Maybe we should not or maybe we should at least try to stay in touch. Even if it is cumbersome, even if it is a one way road. Nowadays the technology offers us every possibility to stay in touch and if you skype over a beer with your buddy from school it might be more interesting than talking about the latest math homework of your kid again.

I wish I would have tried harder to stay in touch but I did not. I wish I would have drunk the bottle of Stoli with him which we promised each other to have at our last time we met.

This one is for you Liph, I hope you found the peace you were looking!


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