Almost everything

Over the last years I turned really old and at almost 44 I realized that life is almost about everything.  To master life I tried to become an expert in almost everything and want share my thoughts on different aspects we all struggle (or at least I do). I will try to share my almost expert advises on a weekly basis and I do hope you will enjoy them. If you do, please write a comment, if I can be bothered I might answer them.

I will write about stuff which I experience as a husband, father, banker, tennis coach, wine lover and food eater. Sometimes I travel to strange places and hang out with locals which can also be somthing I might share unless it is too embarassing. A post should normally take more than 120 seconds to read as this is usually the time I read some my self. Apart from my own life I intend to steal ideas from podacasts, TED talks or anything I get my hands own. Most of the time I will support my views with a selfie or another strange picture. Someone told me that this will help to get my blog popular. I have no idea.

My goal is to entertain you a bit and help me to get some order in my weired mind. I also apologise for any mistakes you may find. English is not my native language and I cannot be bothered to spend too much time on spelling mistakes. I hope you will still enjoy the blog.

To finish off I will quote my fellow countryman whose English is about my level:

I’ll be back


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